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Jalapeño Hot Sauce

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Pepper Personality: Celebrity Thrill Seeker/Jester
Volume: Loud
Sweat Index: Under the nose + on forehead

Characteristics: Turns any dish that it touches into a party, Jalapeño Hot Sauce has a good time wherever it goes. Outgoing and friendly, this favorite Mexican pepper makes everything a fiery celebration at a moment’s notice. A thrill seeker by nature, the extraverted Jalapeño Hot Sauce is always on the lookout for the next great adventure.

Forever seeking the glorious limelight, Jalapeño Hot Sauce is known as being the life of the party. There’s always an extra, colorful kick whenever this sauce is involved—and it’s usually a spicy good surprise.

Pepper Pairings: Cheese, Onions, Soups, Strawberries, Pepper Jelly, Pork, Cornbread, Fresh Mint, Vanilla Ice Cream

Dare to Try:
Tomatillo Bloody Mary, Roasted Tomato Gazpacho

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