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What’s your favorite type of BBQ? Share your opinion to WIN!

What’s your favorite type of BBQ? Share your opinion to WIN!
From Alabama’s signature pulled pork sandwich slathered in white sauce to Texas’ traditional chopped brisket, barbecue flavors and styles vary across the country. Meat cuts and cooking methods are the main differentiators of regional barbecue styles, but the sauces best distinguish America's beloved low and slow-cooked proteins. Learn more about America’s regional barbecue styles below!
  • Memphis: This town’s signature BBQ dish consists of pulled pork served with a tangy, thin tomato-based sauce. 
  • North Carolina: Residents of North Carolina serve their meat (usually pork shoulder or pork ribs) brushed with a spice-and-vinegar mixture while cooking and served with a ketchup-based sauce.   
  • South Carolina: Like their northern neighbors, South Carolinians prefer pork butt, but they choose to use a mustard-based, brown sugar and vinegar sauce, known as Carolina Gold.  
  • Kansas City: Kansas City’s BBQ is defined by its thick, sweet and tangy sauce that locals slather on just about any meat as long as it's cooked super-low and -slow over hickory wood. 
  • Texas: Though BBQ styles vary across the Lonestar State, Central Texas-style dominates most barbecue discussions. This style focuses on the meat itself, usually brisket cooked low and slow over indirect heat, and sauce is secondary. 
  • Alabama: Alabama’s BBQ is distinguished by its famous white sauce, a mayonnaise and vinegar mixture that can be found slathered on pulled pork or chicken sandwiches across the state. 
Whether you’re biased to your hometown taste or crave a flavor from a neighboring region, everyone has their favorite barbecue dish, but the BEST barbecue is always up for debate. We want to resolve this ongoing debate, so we’re partnering with Operation BBQ Relief to hold a social media contest to see what YOU think. 

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Here’s how to enter: 
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You have until Monday, Sept. 18th to place your votes, and we’ll announce the winner on the 19th! Good luck!