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The Great Wing Debate

The Great Wing Debate
Let the countdown to National Chicken Wing Day begin! This year, our favorite food holiday is Saturday, July 29, and we decided to start the celebration by settling The Great Wing Debate – just how much do Americans love wings? 
Americans really can’t get enough wings. We recently surveyed 2,000 people and the average person will eat 17,653 chicken wings in their adult lifetime. On average, twenty-four wings are eaten a month, meaning wing lovers indulging in 290 wings a year, according to the figures. 
Since its creation in 1964, the chicken wing has been a classic American staple. Whether purchased from a restaurant or made at home using a secret family recipe, the results of the poll show the average person eats seven pieces of wings each sitting. 
But, what is the perfect way to enjoy the American classic? Check out the results of our poll in the infographic! Though people remain divided about the perfect way to enjoy chicken wings, they still can’t get enough—and we at Moore’s Marinades and Sauces certainly know how they feel! 
From Spicy Habanero to Creamy Ranch, Buffalo to Honey BBQ, our six mouth-watering wing sauces will excite your every taste bud. Don’t forget to follow these 4 steps to make your chicken wings sing with #MooreFlavor!