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Moore's Make-Ahead School Lunches

It’s already time for a new school year to begin, so we’re here to help you start the year off right. Weekday mornings are hectic - making sure all the bags are packed, clothes are on and teeth are brushed… The list goes on. Make your morning to-do list shorter by meal-prepping some of these school lunches at the beginning of the week.

Hot vs. Cold Pairings
We suggest making your daily pairings based on whether you need to keep the lunch hot or cold. You don’t want to pack a hot lunch with a cold snack, so prep your lunch and snacks based on temperature. You can label each item lunch or snack so your little one knows what’s reserved for each feasting.

On days you’re sending hot items, heat the items in the microwave in the morning using a microwave safe container and then transfer the food to a thermos to keep it warm in your child’s lunch box. Invest in an insulated food container like this MIRA Lunch Food Jar to keep soups and pastas warm and easy to eat out of.

For cold lunch days, use freeze packs like these Fit & Fresh Slim Ice Packs.

Hot Lunches
You’ll want to choose recipes that are easy to make in bulk and, ideally, fast cooker or slow cooker friendly. This makes meal prep as fast and user-friendly as possibly in the midst of the rest of your week prep on Sundays. Who wants to make a 21-step recipe in the middle of all that laundry?

Here’s a few of our favorites:

One Pot Buffalo Chicken Alfredo
Harissa Chicken Soup
Brisket Chili
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork - Pack buns or bread separately.

Crackers or pretzels are a great compliment to warm lunches.

Cold Lunches
For chicken salad sandwiches and or other salad spread recipes, use your fast or slow cooker to cook chicken breasts separately, then shred and add in a bowl with other ingredients. Store the spreads in the fridge and assemble the sandwiches fresh each morning to prevent sandwiches from getting soggy.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good ole ham-n-cheese, but work these into your rotation to take your sandwich game from classic to classy:

Teriyaki and Ginger Chicken Salad Sandwich
Buffalo Chicken Salad Sliders
Zesty Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich
Moore’s Egg Salad Sandwich

We recommend pairing fruit cups, or hummus and veggies as a side with these sandwiches.

Ready-to-eat snack mixes, crackers, pretzels, and pre-popped popcorn are all great options if you’re looking for quick items to toss in your child’s lunch box for the day. If you want to show a little extra love and have time to meal prep snacks as well, we’d suggest the following.

Cold Options:

Veggie Dip - Pack in a small plastic container with veggies or chips in zip lock bags.
Zesty Garden Herb Pasta Salad

These homemade snacks will hold up well with hot OR cold lunches:

Moore’s Roasted Pecans
Asian Teriyaki Chex Mix
Cheese Straws
Moore’s Snack Mix