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Memorial Day Done Right: Your holiday party checklist.

Memorial day is a time for us to take a day off to remember and celebrate those who so bravely fight for our country every day. Here at Moore's, we want to make your Memorial Day prep as easy as possible so you can spend more time relaxing. 

We've all been there: it's almost time for your guests to arrive and you're still massively behind on meal prep and decorations. Here are our quick fixes to help you plan your Memorial Day so your festivities go off without a hitch.

  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until the morning of your party to clean, grocery shop and decorate. Prep as much as possible the days leading up to the party so that your only task the day of the party is cooking and enjoying company. 
  • Fire up the grill. Serve up some main dishes (like Moore's Famous Marinated Ribs, Moore's Mini Cheeseburgers, or Moore's Campfire Honey Mustard Hot Dogs, just to name a few.)
  • Timing is key. Start with the long-haul hearty meals (such as ribs) since they take the longest to cook. Smaller and simpler dishes like mini cheeseburgers take less time, and with our recipe, you can even use the oven! This will give you more grilling space for something else, such as hot dogs.
  • Ask your guests to bring their favorite side dishes and drinks. Potluck style parties are a great way to try out new foods and learn new recipes. This way everyone is guaranteed to have something they like, and you don't have to do all of the shopping. 
  • Make a signature house cocktail for the night. Alcohol can be the most expensive part of hosting a get-together, so make it a little easier on your wallet by deciding on one or two signature drinks. This way, you only spend money on a few staple ingredients and your guests can bring other beverages like beer and wine. 
  • Game time. Set up a few game stations for the kids (and adults). Something as simple as tossing small bean bags into wooden planks can serve as entertainment for all ages. Corn hole, horse shoes, and water balloon tosses are a few of our favorites.
  • The set up. Outdoor seating doesn't have to be glamorous. If you don't have a lot of patio furniture, even simple folding chairs can do the trick. If you feel like you're running low on seating, it's never a bad idea to encourage your guests to bring extra chairs. 
  • Splashing around. If you have a pool and your invite says "kids welcome" then you're going to want to throw in some pool floats. You don't have to go crazy with it, but pool noodles and fun-shaped floats are a great way to keep the kids safe and entertained. 
  • Stock up on sunscreen & insect repellent. Make sure your guests stay protected from the sun and pesky bugs. 
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy. That's what the weekend is for! In the end, don't stress out about throwing the perfect party. With the right food and good company, your get-together is bound to be one for the books!