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How to Grill Legendary Ribs for Labor Day

How to Grill Legendary Ribs for Labor Day
Ribs are an all-time favorite food for summer holidays and cookouts, but they require special care to get them just right. Unlike a steak or hamburger, you can’t just toss a rack of ribs on the grill, or they will turn out tough and dry. Once you master these technique tips, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make legendary, fall-off-the-bone ribs, every time. 
1. Skin the ribs. 

This first step is essential to ensuring a fall-off-the-bone masterpiece. First, remove the very thin membrane from the back of the ribs by slicing into the membrane with a sharp knife and pulling it off of the rib meat. 
2. Rub the ribs. 

Don’t forget to infuse the ribs with flavor using a dry or wet rub! Dry rubs are usually made with herbs, spices, salt, pepper, and sometimes sugar while wet rubs contain some of the same seasonings but have a liquid base, such as Moore’s Original Marinade. Using a dry rub enables the fat on the outside of the ribs to melt and blend with the dry rub, forming a tasty crust. A wet rub is best when applied generously and cooked slowly. Once you’ve coated the ribs with the rub, let them marinate for at least 30 minutes prior to grilling. 
3. Cook ribs over cool heat. 
“Cool heat” is referring to the cooler part of a hot grill. To cook ribs over cool heat, only light one side of the grill, heating it to a temperature between 350° and 400° (or medium-high heat), and place the ribs over the unlit side of grill to cook. 
4. Use a drip pan. 
Place a drip pan on the grill grate under the section of the cooking grate where the ribs will cook. This will not only help minimize flare-ups and burned ribs, but it will also keep the "cool heat" section from over-heating.
5. Sauce them up!
Grilled ribs don't necessarily need a sauce, but we’re always looking for ways to add #mooreflavor. Basting or saucing the ribs with your favorite BBQ Sauce, such as Moore’s Honey BBQ Wing Sauce, during the last 30 minutes of grilling will help avoid a burnt and crusted sauce.
With these 5 tips, you’ll be able to rack up ribs like a boss this Labor Day weekend. Check out our Labor Day Rib Round Up for a few of our favorite recipes!