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Don’t Just Add Heat, Add #MooreFlavor

Don’t Just Add Heat, Add #MooreFlavor
Are your taste buds ready for this? Moore’s Marinades & Sauces is turning up the heat with the launch of our hot sauce line. The NEW product line is not only adding heat to your favorite foods, it’s adding #MooreFlavor.  Made with unique peppers, each of our four sauces feature an individual #PepperPersonality and flavor profile. Check out some of our favorite #PepperPairings:
Spicy Mustard Hot Sauce: Though this sauce is the mildest of the bunch, it is not to be underestimated. Pairing the power of the mustard seed with cayenne pepper, it’s a mighty little sauce that plays well with ham, pretzels, roasted cauliflower, salmon, creamed spinach, sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, potatoes and prunes. 
Jalapeno Hot Sauce: Turning the heat up a notch, Jalapeno Hot Sauce transforms every dish into a fiery celebration. Made with everyone’s favorite Mexican pepper, tomatillo and cilantro, a dash of Jalapeno Hot Sauce is great on tacos, tortilla chips, eggs, cornbread, soups and more! 
Harissa Hot Sauce: This feisty sauce is for you culinary daredevils. Made with a unique and versatile blend of fiery peppers and a touch of garlic, Harissa Hot Sauce aims to season dishes with a Mediterranean flair. Try it on roasted vegetables, pasta, rice, shrimp, beans, popcorn and more. 
Habanero Hot Sauce: Saving the hottest for last, Habanero Hot Sauce is sure to perk up a heat lovers palate. The habanero pepper has deep roots in Latin American and Mexican cultures, so you can expect it to bring an exotic zest to whatever dish you pair it with. Habanero Hot Sauce adds the right amount of fire and flavor to fish, pork, wings, sweet potatoes, guacamole and pasta. 
So, are you a flavor seeker? Which #PepperPersonality is right for you? Join the conversation on social media and let us know which sauce suits your flavor and what #PepperPairings you dsicover!