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Top 4 Essentials for Your Final Four Party

Top 4 Essentials for Your Final Four Party It's almost down to the Final Four and March Madness is coming to an end. You and your friends have been watching the games all season and it's finally down to the top four teams. This is your last chance before the Championship to throw an awesome March Madness party.

While it's fun to decorate the house with your team colors, there are other top priorities for this important day. To be sure your Final Four party is a slam dunk, have these top four essentials covered. 

1. Top 4 game watching essentials:
-Monster flat screen
-Cooler by the couch
-Bathroom radio
-Smartphone with a bracket app

2. Top 4 game snacks:
-Buffalo Chicken Cheese Ball
-Moore's Buffalo Wings
-Moore's Sweet Ribs
-Moore's Potato Chips

3. Top 4 in-between game activities:
-NCAA trivia
-Back yard basketball game
-Mini Pool with teams you'll be watching

4. Top 4 Mood Setters
-"Bad call" foam bricks
-Mini hoops
-Jock Jams CD

Cover all of these top 4 essentials for your Final Four party and your guests will be sure to have a good time, even those who only came for the food. (You know who you are). And one final tip: Put a basketball goal over the trash can.  Guests will do the clean-up for you!