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Moore’s Poolside Snacks

Moore’s Poolside Snacks
The sweltering summer heat is upon us, which means it’s time to hit the pool! Whether you're relaxing in the backyard doing cannon balls at the nearest neighborhood pool, don’t forget to pack some snacks!
Picking the perfect poolside snack is crucial. We suggest bringing a snack with just a few ingredients and minimal prep time so you don’t miss a turn on the diving board. Preparing something that is easy to carry and eat is key, and don’t forget to bring enough to share! All that fun in the sun really builds up the appetite. And most importantly, always pick a snack that’s satisfying and packed with #MooreFlavor! 
For inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite pool-appropriate Moore’s snacks. This Buffalo Ranch Vegetable Dip requires just a handful of ingredients and is delicious served with veggies or crackers. For a salty snack, try a batch of Moore’s Asian Teriyaki Chex Mix.  It is the perfect grab-and-go belly filler.  If you’re looking for a cheesy, chilled snack, the Honey BBQ Chicken Cheeseball is the way to go. Made with Moore’s Honey BBQ Sauce, chicken, bacon and cheese, this dip doesn’t require any cooking and is best served with chips or crackers. Happy snacking! 
1/3 cup Moore's Creamy Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce
1/4 green bell pepper - tiny dice
1/4 cup red bell pepper - tiny dice
1/4 cup onion - tiny dice
8 oz. cream cheese - softened
1 tbsp. half and half or milk
Salt and black pepper to taste
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Ingredients: Chex-mix.jpg
8 Tablespoons Moore’s Asian Teriyaki wing marinade
12 Tbsp. Butter
2 Tbsp.  salt
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. onion powder
8 cups Rice Chex Cereal
1 cup mini pretzels
3 oz. Wasabi peanuts or less
3.5 oz. roasted corn nuggets
4 oz. Sesame sticks
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Honey BBQ Chicken CheeseballI

Honey-BBQ-Chicken-Cheeseball.jpg8 strips Bacon, cooked and diced
6 Green Onions, chopped
1 cup Cooked Chicken, marinated in Moore's Original Marinade, grilled and shredded
8 oz. Cream Cheese
1 tbsp. Jalapeño Peppers, minced
½ cup Moore’s Honey BBQ Sauce
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese, shredded for outside coating (or you can substitute 1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans)
Crackers or Chips (for serving)
1. Combine all ingredients except cheddar cheese for outside coating (or nuts). Mix well.
2. Form into a ball and roll in the cheddar cheese (or nuts) to coat the outside.
3. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill at least one hour before serving. Serve with crackers or chips.