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How to Make the Perfect Chicken Wing

How to Make the Perfect Chicken Wing
In honor of National Chicken Wing Day this Friday (July 29), we decided to reveal a Moore’s secret—how to make the perfect chicken wing. We’re not talking about just any ole’ chicken wing. We’re talking about a chicken wing that sings with #MooreFlavor.

First, pick up fresh chicken wings and your favorite Moore’s Wing Sauce from your favorite store. Holy Smokes BBQ Team member and Moore’s enthusiast Gary Lanton claims starting with fresh chicken wings is worth the extra effort, but if you’re short on time, frozen chicken wings will work, too! 
To prep the fresh wings, cut off the tip of the wing and discard. This will leave you with two parts (the drumette and the wingette), which you’ll need to separate using scissors or a knife. To make this easier, make a small cut where the wing and drumstick meet, then hold the two together and cut up from below to separate the two pieces. If you’re starting with frozen wings, consider letting them thaw to reduce cooking time. 
Now, you have a big decision to make: To fry or not to fry? Are you in the mood for grilled, baked or fried wings? No matter how you decide to cook them, chicken wings should always be cooked to an internal temperature of 165 degrees. 
Once your wings are fully cooked, it’s time to sauce and toss. Whether you’re a fan of Original Buffalo, Creamy Ranch Buffalo, Blue Cheese Buffalo, Asian Teriyaki or Honey BBQ, douse your wings in your favorite sauce and serve them up with some raw veggies! 
There you have it. The secret to making the perfect chicken wing full of #MooreFlavor. Now that the secret is out, don’t keep it to yourself. Share this infographic with friends and family! Happy National Chicken Wing Day!