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Coming Soon…Moore’s Culinary Council!

Coming Soon…Moore’s Culinary Council!
Are you a loyal Moore’s Marinades and Sauces Fan? Did you try Moore’s for the first time and experience love at first taste? Do you find yourself dipping anything you can in our delicious wing sauces, like our Creamy Ranch Buffalo? Do you dream of meat marinating and wings being sauced and tossed with #MooreFlavor? 
If so, we want YOU to join the Moore’s Culinary Council!
As a member of this exclusive group of Moore’s fans, you’ll be an important member of our team. We want your feedback, comments and thoughts as you try new products and recipes. You’ll receive insider information on nearby events, new products, new recipes and much MOORE! As a thank you, you’ll even receive special giveaways as a member of the Moore’s Culinary Council. 
Be sure to spread the news about the Moore’s Culinary Council and stay tuned for more information!