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Battle of the mascots and other non-traditional ways to pick your brackets

Battle of the mascots and other non-traditional ways to pick your brackets We’re less than two weeks away from the official kick-off of March Madness! If you haven’t begun getting together your office pool, then you better get started! It’ll be time to start picking your bracket before you know it!

They say the person with the least amount of basketball knowledge typically wins the tournament. But without knowing much about basketball, how do they pick their bracket? This year, take some tips from the less savvy basketball fans and check out these 10 non-traditional ways to pick your bracket in 2014.

  1. The almighty coin-flip. Who doesn’t love a good, old fashioned coin flip? Label one team heads and one team tails, and flip the coin to see who’s worthy of earning a spot on your bracket.
  2. Draw from a hat. You probably haven’t made a decision by drawing from a hat since grade school, so let us refresh your memory. Put the team’s names on pieces of paper, throw them together in a hat, close your eyes and draw.  Pretty easy!
  3. Alphabetical order. Choose your teams based on the alphabet. Maybe even try to go reverse-alphabetical order to shake things up a bit.
  4. Cool names. Pick the teams whose name you like the most. Maybe you just like saying the name, or maybe the team name sounds good with a British accent. Feel free to get creative with this one.
  5. Battle of the mascots. Whose mascot do you like better? Which one would win in a fight? Which one has the best victory dance? You see where we’re going with this… Let the most important aspect of a mascot pick your teams for you.
  6. Jersey preference. Is the team’s jersey your favorite color? Then that’s the team you need to go with. 
  7. Vacation destinations. Pick the teams that are located where you’d most like to go on vacation.
  8. School statistics. Try picking your teams on completely unrelated school stats. For example, who has a higher graduation rate, or who’s ranked the highest party school?
  9. Other sports teams. Check out how the school’s football, soccer or gymnastics team did last year. Base your picks on the totally unrelated success of that team.
  10. Go with your gut. We all get those “gut feelings.” This year, why not go just go with them?  
You can go the direction of studying basketball analytics, reviewing the teams’ history and coaches’ track records, but that sure does sound like a lot of work. So unless you’re shooting for Warren Buffet’s $1 billion prize, why not have some fun with it?

Have another unique way of picking your brackets? We’d love to hear them!