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Big Fish BBQ

Bryan McLarty is the proprietor of BigFish BBQ & Steak Co and competes under the name of BigFish BBQ. He has competed professionally for over 10 years, and won numerous awards for his BBQ & steak in competition. Based out of Southlake, Texas, Bryan retired from the corporate world in 2013 to follow his passion of full time BBQ catering, and has never looked back. He splits his time between catering & competition, and the thought of opening his own restaurant is not out of the question.

Bryan is an original founding member of Operation BBQ Relief, a 100% volunteer, nonprofit organization that deploys to different parts of the country after disaster, providing a warm meal and a little bit of compassion.

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Big Fish BBQ Cooking

Fun Facts

Favorite Moore’s product to use this year:

Original Marinade

Favorite Recipe to make with Moore’s:

Smoked Meatloaf

Favorite Event in 2015:

Billy Bob’s World Championship.  We got to cater for all of the teams competing and work with Moore’s to showcase new Buffalo Wing Sauces.

Pre-Competition tradition:

I’m not too superstitious, but I always have Chilly Willy with me, a little dancing jalapeno.